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Harrison Township Youth Basketball

Hello to all of the HTYB family. We hope that this message finds everyone safe and well.

We are all dealing with these very difficult and trying times. We are faced with challenges like working from home (hopefully), schooling from home, social distancing and dealing with a way of life, that although is temporary, it is certainly nothing that any of us has ever seen or expected. We certainly hope that all are adjusting, adapting and dealing with such a situation.

We also would like to thank and remember all of our health care professionals, first responders and essential workers that have also had a whole new set of challenges and hurdles set upon them, but continue to face them head on each day on the front lines of this battle.

HTYB wants all in our family to know that we are here to assist should any member be in need. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Don Heim directly at 610-787-0402.

We are also researching ways that we can assist the front-line health care professionals and first responders with assistance/donations…we welcome any and all ideas on how we can best do that.

We hope all are and remain well and safe. Look to the lemonade side of things and enjoy and cherish the additional time with family.

Again, if HTYB can be of help in any way…please reach out!

Stay HTYB Strong and Harrison Strong!